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At Jüniör, we always want to open up a broader discussion on how cultural institutions have been changing and how we can do better. With our booklets, we aim to support people working in cultural institutions offering them a look at what are the current trends, technologies, themes and issues within the cultural sector in a short easy-to-read format.

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Future of cultural institutions.

What should our cultural institutions look like in the future? What services they need to offer? What kind of attitudes they need to bring? What are the skills and methods that they need to integrate? What will be the future of the professionals working for the cultural sector? Talking about the future of cultural institutions there are many questions to answer. As we wanted to take part in the discussion, in 2017 we have started our journey with Jüniör’s Booklets, a free easy-to-read yearly format to share our research and opinions with our community. In these booklets we aim to bring insights from cultural institutions worldwide by focusing on their technological, social and economical developments in order to introduce ideas, inspirations and tips related to innovation in cultural sector.


in 2018+

The focus of the booklet is to present the main challenges that cultural institution face today and highlight the ways, museums in particular, can respond. The growing interest in redefining the role of cultural spaces and the impact of digital transformation guided the 2018 Theme and ‘Museums in 2018+, Ten Essential issues in the cultural realm’ is born. In this booklet we present 10 essential challenges as Museum Trends, as part of three macro themes:

  • From collections to understanding the audience

  • Museums going out of the box

  • The New Museum Business

Have a read and be inspired, let us know what you think!



The booklet consists of 10 essential issues as Museum Trends covering the whole experience offer of cultural institutions.

Every issue comes in three parts: An introduction to the trend, a further reading and resource part that explains the current change related to that trend, and a suggestion part that includes explanation of design actions and activities that can be of help for people working in and for cultural institutions.

The booklet is both in English and Italian.



We have prepared this book to help people working in cultural institutions understand how cultural institutions are changing and what skills and approaches are required to reach their institutional goals. We also want to provide support for managers that are in charge of bringing new perspectives into their day-today work. As a easy-to-read format it allows also students to have a fresh look on what museums have to offer.

However, as we believe that culture is everyone, we wanted to invite everyone who loves culture to freely read it.

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Up Next?

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