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Jüniör is a design action in service of innovation for the cultural sector. Our goal is to improve, strengthen and transform people’s engagements with cultural institutions while optimising their businesses by ideating impactful experiences and services. Based in Milan, we organise design workshops+actions and do R&D+strategy with and for the museum, archive and library professionals. Most importantly, we do love exploring the field for ourselves!

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It all started when…

In the past half decade, we have seen that digital technologies and behaviours and expectations of users are transforming businesses in a big way, and this happens also within the cultural sector. In fact, within this transformation, cultural institutions face even a bigger challenge: they need to reconfigure themselves in order to respond to public’s expectations, contemporary ways of living and technological changes, aspiring to become an innovative, digital, inclusive spaces while serving as an organisation funded for cultural education and knowledge dissemination. We’ve heard in many international conferences and meetings from museum professionals the following question: “How can I keep my institution valuable and at the same time relevant for the audience?” and as a response, we have started our journey with Jüniör.


Our Work

Jüniör believes in the innovative power of design as a response to the challenges that cultural institutions face. We offer both design workshops+actions and consultancy services to improve cultural institutions and create an impact. We draw on our interdisciplinary background, experience in human-centred design methods, expertise in cultural heritage activation and dissemination strategies and infinite curiosity for the business of culture. We work collaboratively with the museum, archive and library professionals to explore organisational challenges and audience needs, envision new services, experiences, initiatives and bring guidance in evolving them.


What WE DO

Jüniör addresses the challenges of cultural institutions and ideates services, experiences and initiatives with empathy, digital-skills and professionals in the cultural sector like you. We love what we do, from researching the needs and interest of audiences and defining insights to improve audience engagement to evaluating the impact of existing experiences or improving and innovating the way people access collections. Our starting point always is people, we research, co-ideate and strategize aiming to reach meaningful solutions.

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Jüniör uses design research to understand the needs and interest of audiences while getting to know the cultural institutions. We think every institution is unique, therefore, co-ideation meetings are the core of our creative work with cultural institutions. The thinking ability of ‘design’ not only helps us to valorise the patrimony of cultural institutions but also to activate it through a strategic and systematic approach. We do value the post-design period, where we profoundly trace the impact to improve consciously.

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What we believe in 

We work with different people, in different ways, coming from different backgrounds. Between this diversity, we share one important thing in common: passion for cultural heritage. To take the most our of what we do, we approach all projects with these principles:



Jüniör plays seriously to embrace challenges. We enable an open-minded work environment to foster collaboration, inventive thinking and creativity.

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Jüniör does not take anything for granted. We ask questions, we dig deeper, we look things from different angles. We never stop learning as the basis of culture is knowledge.

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Jüniör brings an analytical eye to an inventive and empathic process. We make sure that we have all the whos, hows and whys covered in a unique design direction.



Jüniör is founded by Ece Özdil, a Turkish designer with a multidisciplinary background advocating the user-centric approach for the cultural sector. She holds a PhD in Design for Cultural Heritage focusing on the digital transformation of museums and archives, their cultural services, initiatives and the digital interactive technologies applied to the field.

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